Hydrangea quer. ‘Ruby Slippers’
For those looking for a compact, lower growing oakleaf, we suggest ‘Ruby Slippers’. 3’ tall by 5’ wide, this one stays good and tight. Flowers about 9” long, start white and fade rapidly to paler pink. Over time will go deep rose pink. A strong compact oakleaf. Zone 5.
Nassella tenuissima
This very fine bladed grass, knows as Mexican feather grass, was seen in plantings locally and asked for so much, we started producing it. Its delicate light green foliage has narrow straw colored seed heads on top. Drought tolerant, it has been used in conjunction with Carex ‘Firefox’ or ‘Red Rooster’ alternately in mass plantings creating a unique look. Grows to 18”.
Rosa Oso Easy® ‘Lemon Zest’
(Proven Winner)
(R. Chew Hocan ppaf)
Tired of yellow roses fading? We started growing this one in 2013 attempting to find a good yellow with disease resistance. With all the moisture our spring brought, this one hung in there quite nicely. The bright yellow flowers don’t have on after browning allowing the next bud set to bloom right thru. Not a large rose; it grows only to 3’ x 3’.
Weigela f. ‘Alexandra’
(Proven Winner) PP#10,772 Wine & Roses
This one is a really popular item. If you’re looking for a good wine-red color, you can’t miss! Growing 4’ x 4’ average, the rose pink flowers contrast nicely with the deep burgundy foliage. With pruning in the summer, I have noted spotty flowering in the fall before leaf turn. I have kept the shrub at 3’ x 3’ and every year it fills back out nicely.